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  Legal Eagle.. crook or duck?




CROC dišt






get the picture?
































































Legal Eagle, crook  or  duck?















our little green planet











































































Welcome to Planet CROCTALES - our very own little green planet

... and here is how it started:

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While cleaning the hubble telescope

they discovered there is so much space junk out there

While Croc and his friends were busy cleaning some aliens stopped by

asking for the Milky Way

The full story is now available in paperback and as a beautiful hard cover book at the blurb book store.



cleaning up the planet is timeless!

We're cleaning up our little green "Planet CROCTALES"

 You can help! Start with planet EARTH.

Recycle, turn off the light when you leave the room,

turn off your A/C or to 78 degree when you're not home,

don't litter,

shower instead of taking a full bath, recycle,

use & re-use your own shopping bags,

leave the car in the garage

 and walk short distances....

There is soooooooooooooo much you can do!


heading back from Little Green to Big Blue

Hey, we also found a final solution to the chronic plumbing problem at the ISS:

A handy outhouse!

What do you think? Very spacey, right??!?

          Finally: Not exactly NASA, space travel or going green but still a univers(e/al) issue:

Welcome to the CROCTALES Astronomological Research Study

Searching for some new star constellations. Trying to read our future in an  expanded Horoscope.

Looking very promising, don't you agree?

Everybody has heard about the "Little Bear" (Ursa Minor)

We've discovered the "Little Teddy Bear" (Teddy Ursa Minor?) and more.

O.k. we admit it!

Understanding CROCTALES sometimes requires

basiCROCket science

for more CROCking pictures click HERE


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